Expert Legal Help for your Workplace Accident

No matter where you work or what your job is, accidents at work can and do happen, though your employer has a legal obligation to make your workplace safe to be around and work in.

Whatever your role at the company – whether you are a full-time employee or simply visiting – when the accident happened, if you suffered an injury that wasn’t your fault, you could be eligible for compensation.

As well as seeking compensation payments, we can help you get the medical treatment you need and pay for work missed due to your injury. Call us on 01706 711 176 to speak to our specialist personal injury team.

ASL Approach to Workplace Accidents

Our specialist solicitors have experience with a wide variety of workplace accidents and injuries, from burns to broken bones, as well as more serious injuries. At ASL, we put you first by listening to your case, assessing the details and working hard to give you the best possible outcome to your claim.

We understand that many workers are afraid of claiming against their employers for fear of putting their job at risk, but a justified claim shouldn’t affect your job security. Our personal injury team are extremely skilled at handling workplace injuries and working with employers to guarantee fair treatment by all parties.

Our dedicated solicitors will deal with your employer and their insurers on your behalf, so you don’t have to, making the process a lot simple and easier for you. Remember, your employer cannot dismiss you for making a claim, so don’t let that discourage you from seeking the help and compensation you deserve.

How do I know if I can claim for a Workplace Accident?

Your employer is required to take reasonable precautions to minimise risk in the workplace, but these methods vary greatly by occupation, equipment used and more. If your employer has failed to take the proper safety precautions and you suffer an injury because of this, you are entitled to claim for compensation.

We have dealt with a wide array of workplace accident cases and can act for all kinds of accidents and injuries, though we specialise in:

  • Construction Injuries
  • Fork-Lift Truck Accidents
  • Industrial Disease
  • Machine Injuries
  • Office Accidents & Display Screen Claims
  • Slips, Trips & Falls at Work
  • Stress, Depression and Psychological Injury
  • Vibration White Finger

How can ASL help?

Our experienced team of personal injury solicitors will work hard to give you the best possible outcome to your case, whatever the specific details. From the moment that you’re assigned a solicitor, they will give you a fair assessment of your case and can offer work on a no-win no-fee basis, so you won’t have to pay to get first-class legal representation.

Get help from our Expert Legal Team

Because personal injury claims are often subject to time restrictions, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible. If you’ve had an accident at work and believe your employer is liable, contact our specialist team today on 01706 711 176.

What types of Personal Injury can you claim for?