By writing a Will, you can spare your surviving friends and family a great deal of difficulty and uncertainty by specifying exactly what you wish to happen when you pass away. These documents also allow you to make sure that your estate (your money and property) is passed onto the people and organisations you care about.

If you do not arrange a valid will before you pass away, you are considered “intestate” and your estate will be shared out in line with UK law, not your wishes. So, while arranging a will is something that most people would happily postpone, it is essential for ensuring that your wealth is divided fairly in line with your wishes.


Probate is the process of executing someone’s will after they die – and can include paying outstanding bills, distributing property, paying tax, etc. – and varies a lot between cases.

Probate can be a difficult and complicated process, especially if you are grieving, so seeking expert help may be the best way to honour your family member or friend’s wishes. Our specialist Probate solicitors can help you with every step of the process, making it a simple and (relatively) stress-free process for you by helping with:

  • Registering the death
  • Finding the Will
  • Applying for probate, arranging inheritance tax etc.

Do you Want to make a Will?

If you’re planning for your family and friends’ future and want to provide after your passing, a will is essential to distribute your property as you see fit. ASL Solicitors offer a comprehensive, professional legal service in England and Wales to help you draft a simple and effective will or proof-read an existing will.

Because wills are an extremely personal matter, we treat all our clients as individuals, and will do our best to provide a service that lines up with your wishes. Our specialist Will & Probate solicitors can help with a wide array of issues including but not limited to:

  • Wills and will writing
  • Will disputes
  • Inheritance planning

If you’d like to learn more about our services or receive free legal advice, please call us directly on 01706 711 176 or fill out our form and one of our expert solicitors will get back to you as soon as possible.

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