ASL will help you with your Divorce proceedings

Divorce is one of the most difficult moments a couple can go through. As much as one may need emotional support during this important time in your life, effective legal support can allow you to focus on the family side of divorce while professionals deal with the complex paperwork and legal issues. ASL Solicitors would be grateful for you to allow us to deal with the legal side of your divorce and help you find time for other personal and family.

How can I get a divorce?

If you see divorce as the solution to the troubles your marriage is facing, you can apply for divorce in court, but success usually hinges on putting forward a strong case.

The following are requirements for securing a divorce or separation:

  • You should be married for a minimum of a year in order to start proceedings for a divorce case.

  • You may only qualify for annulment if you have been married for less than a year.

  • You must be able to prove your marriage has suffered irretrievable damage and separation is in the best interests of you and your partner.

If you find your marriage going through any of the following five law defined categories, you may apply for divorce or annulment:

You can apply for divorce only if one of the five following conditions are met:

  • Your partner is guilty of committing adultery and it is completely impossible for you to continue living with them. It is one of the most common grounds for divorce.

  • If your spouse is behaving unreasonably or unpleasantly such as engaging in domestic abuse, infidelity or any other unpleasant or damaging behaviour.

  • You have been deserted by your spouse to the extent that means that you are in a de facto state of separation.

  • If you have been separated for at least 2 years then you have a strong case of divorce. It is not necessary that you are living in different houses. You could be availing the same accommodation facility and leading the different lives in order to avail divorce on this base.

  • If you have been separated for 5 or more years

Filing for divorce can be extremely difficult therefore is it recommended to seek expert legal advice from a reputable firm of solicitors. Our team of specialists at ASL will be happy to consult you. We also have a team of people who speak fluent Urdu and Punjabi to help communicate about our legal services effectively. Contact us on 01706 711176 for advice.

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