Dual citizenship

What is Dual Citizenship?

A dual national is someone who is a national of one country but is settled in another country; a dual national has acquired the nationality of both the countries. Having dual nationality allows you to travel easily between both countries and usually allows you to purchase land or own businesses in both. Every country has its own set of rules on dual nationality. In some countries as a dual national, you can’t have a government job. Many countries do not allow their citizens to acquire the status of dual citizens at all.
The United Kingdom allows its citizens to not only acquire dual nationality but also to keep hold of their previous citizenship in case of naturalization. You also do not have to renounce your British citizenship if you plan to acquire citizenship of another country. However, as every country has its own laws, you will have to fully understand the citizenship laws of the second country. Some countries require you to renounce your British Citizenship to become a citizen of the country.

How will we help you?

Applying for British Citizenship is very difficult and time consuming without legal help.
ASL are dedicated to helping people achieve their goal of living in the United Kingdom. We will take away the hassle from you of dealing with complex paperwork and ensure your application journey is as smooth and comfortable as possible. All your documentation will also be checked to ensure they suffice. Our expert lawyers will closely work with you and guide you through the visa application process to ensure that it is filled out to the highest standard, giving you the best chance of a successful application.

We will:

  • Assess your eligibility status and documents
  • Help with the completion of any necessary forms
  • Ensure your application is up to the highest standard
  • Liaise with the legal authorities on your behalf
  • Present your case for you to ensure the best chance of success
  • Help you throughout your application

It is recommended that you work with legal professionals rather than on your own when applying for citizenship. ASL are more than happy to support you. Call our 24-hour line on 07872504002.

Renouncing British Citizenship

If you are applying for citizenship in a country that will not allow dual nationality, it may be possible to renounce your British citizenship. This process starts with a Form RN (Renouncing Nationality) which can be submitted online or by post.

By renouncing your British citizenship you will also have to give up on the British passport and all incentives of being a British citizen. However, this will only affect you. All of your family members holding British citizenship can carry out their life as normal. On giving up British citizenship, you will receive a Declaration of Renunciation which can then be presented to any government as proof of your renunciation.

ASL can help in the renunciation of British citizenship if it becomes a necessity for you. Call our 24-hour line on 07872504002.

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Application for British citizenship can be a daunting process and it is recommended to have expert legal advice. Our immigration solicitors will happily consult you. We also have a team of people who speak fluent Urdu and Punjabi to help communicate about our legal services effectively. Call our 24-hour line on 07872504002.