Claiming asylum

Claiming Asylum

Claiming Asylum may be necessary for you if you have left your country and fear you will be unable to return due to persecution. Many people seeking asylum in the UK do so because they have been persecuted for their ethnicity, religious or political beliefs or belonging to certain groups.

The United Kingdom is a safe country and as a result, receives lots of asylum requests, so it is very important your application is undertaken with the help of legal professionals in order for your application to stand out. We understand that it is essential to move quickly with asylum requests as your personal safety could be threatened, so ASL is here to guide you through the tricky asylum process with urgency. Contact us on 01706 711176 for advice.

How will ASL help you?

ASL will help with all asylum and humanitarian protection. Throughout your application, we will be in touch with the Home Office. You will communicate with one of our lawyers who will make sure to submit your application after it has been completed to the highest standard, giving you the best possible chance of it being successful. We will prepare your Letter of Representation, which will explain how your case is supported by immigration laws.

We will:

  • Assess your eligibility status and documents
  • Help with the completion of any necessary forms
  • Ensure your application is up to the highest standard
  • Liaise with the legal authorities on your behalf
  • Prepare your Letter of Representation
  • Present your case for you to ensure the best chance of a successful application
  • Help you throughout your application

It is recommended that you work with legal professionals rather than on your own when applying for asylum. ASL are more than happy to support you. Call our 24-hour line on 07872504002.

We will first determine your eligibility for asylum and then assist you for the duration of your application process.


After a successful application, you will be allowed to stay in the UK for five years, after this you may apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain to extend your stay.

Even if you do not attain refugee status, and there remains a risk you may be persecuted severely, you may be able to stay in the United Kingdom through a human rights application; under the European Convention on Human Rights, somebody should not be returned to a country where they face inhumane treatment. Furthermore, if you are ineligible for refugee or humanitarian protection status, there is a small chance you will be allowed Discretionary Leave to Remain, although this is very rare. ASL will do our best to ensure you get the best possible care during your application to remain in the United Kingdom. If after your application for asylum has not been successful, you may have the right to an appeal or a judicial review to the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal.

After your appeals process, if you refuse to return voluntarily to your country of residence you risk order for enforced removal which may involve arrest and detention to an Immigration Removal Centre. This is an extremely difficult situation to solve and it is recommended you let one of our expert immigration and asylum lawyers help you on this.

You can apply for asylum of dependents that have travelled with you to the UK. We understand that leaving family behind while you are claiming asylum is a difficult idea, but if you receive refugee status after your asylum application, you may be able to apply for family, partners, children or dependents to enter the United Kingdom under the Family Reunion Programme.


You must be claiming asylum from the United Kingdom or from the official borders. To be granted asylum, you must be able to adequately prove you’re at risk of persecution from the state of your origin or from uncontrollable groups because of your ethnicity, religious or political beliefs or belonging to certain groups or other important personal characteristics.

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We understand you may be unable to return due to persecution and that you may be worried about your personal safety and that of your family and friends. ASL is here to make sure you urgently get the best legal advice possible for your safety. Contact us on 01706 711176 for advice.