Business visitor visa

Business Visitor Visa

The UK Business Visa specifically falls under the UK Visitor Visa classification and will allow you to stay in the UK for up to 6 months, although you may leave and return to the UK freely while your Visa is in effect. A UK Business Visa can also be used for leisure purposes or private medical treatment.

Non-EEA nationals looking to visit the UK will need a UK Visitor Visa. If you are a Non-EEA national, you may need to complete an online application form on in order to obtain a regular visa. If you are a Swiss National you will not need a Visitor Visa. It is recommended during any visa application, you are supported by legal professionals. ASL are more than happy to help you with your Visitor Visa application.

What can and can’t I do with a UK Business Visa?

The standard visitor visa will not allow for certain business activities during your stay in the United Kingdom, so it is important to know if the business/standard visa will allow you to do everything you are setting out to do in the UK. If you intend to visit the UK to conduct business for your overseas employer, you can use the business visa to review goods and services in the UK. Payments must be made internationally and not from UK based businesses or individuals. All transactions must be made overseas.

You are allowed to attend and take part in important business appointments such as meetings, training sessions, workshops, conferences, seminars but you will not be allowed to take part in paid or unpaid work using the standard visitor/business visa. You may even take part in business negotiations and even agree on contracts for a foreign employer, deliver non-profit speeches while travelling to the UK, but you may not perform any paid work without a Work Visa. You may do any promotional work so long as there are no sales or profits made directly from your visit. You may take part in research and information gathering, or inspections. You may also take certain exams.

You will not be able to do paid or unpaid work in the UK with a Business Visa, you will need a Work Visa to perform any kind of work. You may not also work for a longer period of time in the UK as permitted in the UK Visitor Visa. You will not be able to receive public funds and will not be eligible for benefits or any other government fund. You will not be allowed with a Standard Business/Visitor Visa to live in the UK, nor stay longer than 6 months unless you have applied for a long term visit visa and the business visa will not cover frequent visits.

How will we help you?

Applying for a UK Business Visa is difficult and time consuming without legal help.

ASL is dedicated to helping people achieve their goal of working in the United Kingdom. Our expert legal professionals will help you better evaluate the best options to allow you to work in the United Kingdom. We will take away the hassle from you of dealing with the complex paperwork and ensure your application journey is as smooth and comfortable as possible. Our expert lawyers will closely work with you and guide you through the visa application process to ensure that it is filled out to the highest standard, giving you the best chance of a successful application.

  • Assess your eligibility status
  • Support you until the completion of your application
  • Help with the completion of any necessary forms
  • Ensure your application is up to the highest standard
  • Liaise with the legal authorities on your behalf
  • Present your case for you to ensure the best chance of success

It is recommended that you work with legal professionals rather than on your own when applying for a work visa. ASL are more than happy to support you.

What are the requirements for a Business Visa?

Non-EEA nationals will need to provide evidence of activities they plan to do while visiting and they must also show they plan not to exceed their 6-month stay in the UK. Non-EEA nationals will need to prove they can afford inbound and outbound flights as well as be able to maintain themselves and any dependents financially during their full stay in the UK, without requiring access to public funds.

Before the application stage, you should verify if you are eligible for a Work Visa:

  • You must have been offered a job in the United Kingdom
  • You must have a certificate of sponsorship from your employer in the United Kingdom

Other documentation that can help your chances are:

  • Travel documents detailing the dates which you are travelling
  • Details of previous international travel and immigration history.
  • Bank statements to prove you have sufficient funds
  • An estimation for how much your visit will cost

Requirements are not limited to these and can be more specific depending on the type of Work Visa required by you to enter and work in the United Kingdom.

What documentation do I need?

In order to obtain a UK Business Visitor Visa, you must give details of your existing and previous passport numbers or other valid travel identification. Other documentation you may need to provide is not limited; you may bring as much supporting documentation to help your chances such as:

  • Travel documents detailing the dates which you are travelling
  • Details of previous international travel and immigration history.
  • Bank statements to prove you have sufficient funds
  • An estimation for how much your visit will cost

There is other documentation which will help your application process which may be required, however during this tricky stage, it is recommended that you speak to one of our expert solicitors to give you the best chance of successfully applying.

If any of these documents are in a language other than English or Welsh, you will need to provide a professionally translated copy alongside the original documents.

Get in touch with us for expert advice

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