The UK Home Office often rejects applications and there can be a variety of reasons for this. In order to ensure you have a greater chance of a successful appeal, you must act immediately after your application has been rejected. ASL will be there to support you in every step of the appeals process, including by representing you in all tribunals. Call our 24-hour line on 07872504002.

How will we help you?

If you feel your visa application has been unfairly rejected & your refusal letter says you may appeal against the decision, our expert lawyers will be there to make the whole appeals process as easy and smooth as possible by taking a lot of the responsibility away from you with our hands-on approach. If you choose to work with ASL through our specially designed appeals package, we will:

  • Start work immediately on your case
  • Discuss in-depth with you your situation
  • Explain to the appeal requirements, UK immigration law
  • Explain in-depth the benefits of appealing
  • Complete all required forms to a high standard
  • Prepare your documents to face the court in the best way
  • Represent you at the hearing before the tribunal for the duration of the review process

Even if you have not been given the chance to appeal, there may still be options still left for you. ASL will carefully review your situation and present to you the best possible options.

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Appeals are always daunting as you will be going against a legal decision, so for this reason, it is better to ask for legal support. ASL will be happy to support you on getting you the decision you deserve. Call our 24-hour line on 07872504002.

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