Administrative review

Administrative Review

If you have had a decision about your application that seems unfair, or you feel certain factors or documents were not taken into consideration, or miscalculations may have been made about your financial condition, an Administrative Review may be submitted.

An Administrative Review is available only if you are not entitled to appeal and is there to challenge the Home Office’s decision if there is unconsidered evidence.


The charge for an Administrative Review submission by the Home Office is £80. You will usually be told when your submission has been received within two days, the decision itself will usually be made within 28 days of this. The Home Office will then contact you to explain the result of your Administrative Review. If your review was unsuccessful, you may be able to submit a Judicial Review or make a new application.

An Administrative Review in effect is an attempt to persuade the Home Office to reconsider the decision made about your application. You will receive a letter from the Home Office if you are eligible to proceed with an Administrative Review.

How will ASL help you?

Our expert lawyers will make the whole review process as easy and smooth as possible by taking a lot of the responsibility away from you with our hands-on approach. ASL will:

  • Discuss in-depth with you your situation
  • Explain to the appeal requirements, UK immigration law
  • Explain in-depth the benefits of appealing
  • Complete all required forms to a high standard
  • Prepare your documents to face the court in the best way
  • Represent you at the hearing before the tribunal for the duration of the review process

Contact us

Administrative Reviews are daunting as you will be going against a legal decision, so for this reason, it is better to ask for legal support. ASL will be happy to support you on getting you the decision you deserve. Call our 24-hour line on 07872504002.

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